15.5. Goose on a String Theatre  19:30 - 21:45
Andrej Bagar Theatre

The Rats

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Written by: Gerhart Hauptmann
Translation: Viera Juríčková
Directed by: Roman Polák
Dramaturgy: Daniel Majling
Set design: Pavel Borák
Costumes: Peter Čanecký
Music selection: Lucia Chuťková

Running time: 2 hr 15 mins 

Mrs John: Kristína Turjanová
John: Martin Nahálka
Bruno: Juraj Ďuriš
Hassenreuter: Ivan Vojtek
Mrs Hassenreuter: Eva Pavlíková
Walburga: Alena Pajtinková
Erich Spitta: Roman Poláčik
Pastor Spitta: Ján Greššo
Mrs Knobbe: Daniela Kuffelová
Quaquaro: Peter Oszlík
Schierke: Branislav Matuščin
Mrs Kielbacke: Gabriela Dolná
Pauline: Judit Bárdos
Selma: Eva Cibulková / Magdaléna Pacovská 

Mrs John, a woman in her thirties, is the heart and soul of the building. Her husband travels for work and she spends most of the year in stultifying solitude. She desperately longs for a child. The years race by and it seems that Mrs John will never have somebody to live for, to love, to worry about, to sacrifice herself for. Suddenly, however, fate smiles upon her – she has the chance to adopt the child of a young woman to whom that child is only a burden. Mrs John finally has someone to live for, to sacrifice herself for and to plan a future for. However, her happiness is to be short-lived...
After a few days the real mother announces she is going to take the child back. The fight for happiness begins.

This story, written by Nobel Prize for Literature winner Gerhart Hauptmann, is about ordinary people. It is cruel and poignant at the same time. Hauptmann’s play is not only a profound human story about motherhood, but also a powerful social drama. The inhabitants of the block of flats are people on the periphery, whose relationships and lives are subject to moral, social and economic decline. This ferment, in which the remains of an old life are rotting, gives rise to absolute extremism, which ultimately sweeps them all away like a breeze.