Prolog Janáček Theatre  19:00 - 20:55
Proton Theatre


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Written by: Kornél Mundruczó, Kata Wéber
Directed by: Kornél Mundruczó
Assistant director: Zsófia Csató
Dramaturgy: Viktória Petrányi, Gábor Thury
Set and costumes: Márton Ágh
Lighting: András Éltető
Music: János Szemenyei
Production: Dóra Büki

Running time: 1 hr 55 mins

Bartonek - Ervin Nagy
Dr. Szatmáry - Roland Rába
Dóra, nurse - Orsi Tóth
Mercédesz Sápi - Lili Monori
Henrik Holényi - Balázs Temesvári
Lady Oci - Diána Magdolna Kiss
Lukács - Gergely Bánki
Dentist - László Katona 

A world-famous psychiatric clinic in Hungary was forced to close a few months ago. Since then the building has been neglected – the garden is overgrown with weeds and a small group of patients has been left alone in a vegetative state on the fourth floor. The patients with advanced dementia are living in the realm of forgetting. Audiences will be faced with the question "How can society benefit from prolonging the life of a mentally disabled patient? What is the point of helping those who are suffering when they are going to die anyway?" Besides, suffering is what drives mankind on. If we desensitize ourselves through modern medicine, we come to despise religion and philosophy, even though humanity found refuge in them long ago. Do we dare to challenge death as humanity’s only hope and the only real human right?

This production by Proton Theatre successfully merges the realism of a documentary with the abstract world of the subconscious to create a reality that resembles an operetta packed into a postmodern melodrama, which is eerily similar to our everyday lives. At the end of the day, every society is characterized by how it behaves towards the old and the disabled.

This is a co-production with House on Fire and NXTSP supported by the European Union Culture programme.